Presidents Message

Dear East York Skating Club families,


On behalf of the Board of Directors I am very pleased to welcome you all back to East York Skating Club for the upcoming 2019-2020 Fall and Winter season!


Registration for the upcoming season will commence at 10:00am on Saturday, August 17th.  Once again, registration will be completed online via our “Uplifter” portal, which can be accessed through the Club’s website (


At this time, I would like to bring to your attention some important information about our schedule and fees:

  • To accommodate demand and to improve the delivery of our CanSkate program, the Club will once again be offering a “Pre-CanSkate” program for 2019-2020. This program is intended for brand-new skaters (those with no prior skating experience), and will feature smaller classes to allow coaches and program assistants to focus on teaching balance and basic movement (propulsion).  As Pre-CanSkate participants gain these important skills, the program will morph to include more typical CanSkate instruction, including the awarding of CanSkate ribbons and stage badges to successful candidates.
  • Skating off session will no longer be permitted at EYSC. This was a difficult decision for the Board, as we recognize that it does limit skating option for many families; however, it was considered to be necessary for safety and risk management reasons.  To alleviate the impact of this decision, the Club is offering a number of Open (combined) sessions that we hope will provide sufficient schedule flexibility for our members.
  • Monday sessions will once again be held at Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre (2467 Eglinton Avenue East, at the Kennedy TTC station), rather than East York Memorial Arena. Unfortunately, the City of Toronto has reserved Monday nights at East York Memorial Arena for their own programming; to increase the amount of ice time available to skaters, it was necessary to secure an alternative location for Monday nights and Don Montgomery is our best option.
  • For skaters who have moved beyond CanSkate/Fundamental (i.e., Bronze and higher), fees for the Fall and Winter 2019-2020 season have been set to account for the length of each session and the number of classes associated with that registration, rather than a flat rate per category as in past years. (To assist families in understanding the difference in fees, the length of each session and number of classes is presented in the schedule of fees.)  Fees also reflect the cost of providing ice time (permit fees, coaching requirements, and the number of skaters who can be accommodated.  This approach is similar to what was used to set Spring 2019 fees, and while considerably more complicated it was considered by the Board to be critical to ensuring fairness for all of our members.
  • Finally, to defer increasing costs associated with making corrections to registrations (primarily credit card fees incurred by the Club), the Club will be imposing a $25 administration fee whenever corrections to online registrations must be made. The vast majority of situations where such fees would be imposed involve only two scenarios:  firstly, registrations of skaters in the wrong category (e.g., a Silver skater registered in a Gold session); secondly, skaters subsequently adding another session to an existing registration.  With respect to the first situation, we strongly encourage anyone uncertain as to what category their skater should register to contact their coach or the Club PRIOR to registering.  With respect to the second situation, our Uplifter system will automatically discount multiple registrations as outlined in the schedule of fees, but can only do so when all the sessions appear on the same invoice.  If you have previously registered and attempt to add another session at a later date, your second invoice will be incorrect.  For this reason, such registrations must be completed by the Club administrator, and not by members themselves.  Therefore, if you wish to add another session to an existing registration, please contact the Club.


Thank you very much for being part of the East York Skating Club community.  If you have any comments or questions about our schedule or fees, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club or the Board of Directors at  Please keep in mind that the Club’s Board of Directors are volunteers, all of whom have a (non-skating) job; we will respond to your messages as soon as possible, but some delay in responding are unfortunately inevitable.





Penny Egan