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Group, Semi-Private
& Private Lessons

Group lessons will be provided for all sessions but will look different depending on the level of the session (more information available under CanSkate and STARSkate).

Semi-private and private lessons are available on all sessions. Please contact coaches directly to determine their availability and lesson rate. All lessons are given by a member of our Skate Canada Professional Coaching staff.

Selecting a Private Coach

To arrange private lessons, please contact the coach directly (contact information found under Our Team /Coaching Staff).

This arrangement is independent of the Club and the Club will not recommend a specific coach. When you hire a coach, the agreement is made between the skater, parent and the coach. The Club assumes no responsibility for private lessons arranged between the coach and the skater or for fees incurred as a result of this arrangement. The rate charged for semi-private and private lessons is the prerogative of the Professional Skate Canada Coach in agreement with his/her clients. You should receive a Coaching Code of Ethics when you contract a private coach.

Issues to Consider

There are many issues that should be considered when contemplating private instruction.

The following are points that should be discussed with the coach:

  • Availability
  • Fee structure (i.e. lesson rate, music, partnering, test days, competitions, etc.)
  • Number of lessons per week
  • Lesson structure (i.e. Semi-Private or Private)

Booking Lessons

Get in Touch Early!

Before the start of the season (i.e. in the summer) you should contact your coach with your intentions concerning your private lessons for the coming season. If you wait too long, you may find that your coach may not be able to meet your needs.

Absence from a Lesson

It is the skater’s responsibility to inform their private coach of their absence for a lesson.

You may find that you have been charged for a lesson that you did not attend if adequate notice was not given. If your coach is away, they will try to notify you and possibly send a replacement. In emergency situations, the coach will try to notify the Club of their absence and a notice will be posted on the Bulletin Boards. Each coach has their own policies regarding cancellations and missed lessons. Please consult your coach. Please do not contact the Club to inform your private coach of an absence.

Coaching Change

Check Availabilities

If at some point you wish to make a coaching change, you must first find out if the coach you wish to change to has time. You must then notify your current coach of your intentions. All outstanding fees must be paid to the previous coach before lessons with the new coach can begin.

Club Dance Partners

Please note that EYSC Dance Partners are contracted by the Club to provide the coaching staff with appropriate/suitable partners for their clients.

All lessons with Club Partners are done through the Private Coach (not by individual skaters/parents). Your private coach will inform you of when lessons with a Club Partner will take place. Payment for Club Partners will be done through the club. An invoice will be sent to you at the end of the month outlining lessons given and necessary payments.

The club welcomes any questions regarding lessons & the Coaching Staff. Any questions that cannot be appropriately answered by the Board should be directed to your coach. All of the Coaches at the East York Skating Club are fully certified by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). They are all highly qualified and experienced. Any other information (i.e. contact information, rates, etc.) must be obtained through direct conversation with the coach.