Security & Lockers

While the Board strives to provide a safe environment for skaters, it is everyone’s responsibility to assist. Any suspicious persons seen in the arena should be reported to the office or arena staff.

Skaters should inform their coach each time they leave the ice.

The Club also provides a limited number of lockers to rent for the season (September to the end of Spring Session). The fee is $25 for the entire season. Lockers are given to returning renters first. Locker registration can be when you register for the Winter Season. The Club is not responsible for belongings left unattended in the dressing rooms.


Volunteers Needed

Club Clothing

EYSC offers club sweaters for all skaters. These sweaters are great team uniforms for skaters during the competition season. Club clothing will be available for ordering in October . This is a great way to feel apart of Team EYSC, while staying warm on the ice.


Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Club Policy is no refunds after the start of the skating season. Refunds will only be given in the following circumstances:

  1. Due to major medical reason
  2. Program was inappropriate for skater at the CanSkate Level ONLY

The following are the rules regarding refunds and withdrawls:

  1. A $25 Administration Fee for withdrawal prior to the start of skating will be charged.
  2. Withdrawal after the start of skating will only be accepted by written request (for one of the reasons stated above).
  3. The following withdrawal fees will be charged effective, date of written request: $25 Administration Fee + $35 Skate Canada Membership Fee + $7.50 for each class attended.
  4. NO REFUNDS issued after December 15th except for medical circumstances accompanied with a medical certificate or note. Refunds will NOT be given to those who leave due to their own decision or failure to attend (i.e. vacations, school trips, etc.).

Cancelled Days

Please note that Refunds or Exchanges will not be given for days that are cancelled due to weather or circumstances beyond the Club’s control.



Skate Canada is a dynamic organization dedicated to the advancement of recreational and competitive skating in Canada.

Skate Ontario & Skate Canada – The Association:

Registration with Skate Canada provides ‘Associate Membership’ in a nationwide organization which exists to promote skating.” Your Skate Canada Fee is marked clearly when you register. This fee is used to support and develop various programs for the advancement of recreational and competitive skating.

Your Skate Canada Card & Number

You will be issued a Skate Canada number when you become a part of the Association. This number becomes yours for life. This number is required on all documents relating to your skating activities (i.e. taking Skate Canada tests, entering competitions, etc.) and should be included in any correspondence to the Club, the Central Ontario Section (see below) or Skate Canada. After registration, you will receive a membership card, which will indicate your Skate Canada Number, your Home Club & Club Identification Number (EYSC’S Club ID#1000434) and any Skate Canada Tests passed.

Home Club Declaration:

Every skater must declare a Home Club. If you skate at more than one (1) Skate Canada club regularly, you must determine your Home Club at the start of the season and pay your Skate Canada Fee through your Home Club. If EYSC is the only club you skate at then it will be your Home Club.

Skate Canada Program Structure:

All Skate Canada Sanctioned Clubs are based upon the Skate Canada Program Structure, which incorporates recreational to competitive levels of skating.


Most department and sport stores sell inexpensive beginner equipment, however the quality will vary considerably. Skates must be carefully examined for firm ankle support, good leather quality and correct mounting of the blade.

Shopping for and Fitting New Skates

  • Wear the tights or socks that will be worn when skating.
  • The skates should fit snugly around the ankles and heel. Avoid buying a larger size skate in the anticipation that the skater will “grow into it”. This will only cause discomfort and poor results.
  • There should be some room for movement at the toes and ankles; however, the instep and heel must be firmly supported.
  • The tongue should be well padded for comfort and should be wide enough to cover the front of the ankle and stay in place.
  • Avoid skates that have lots of wrinkles in the leather.
  • Have the skater stand with even weight over both feet and bend his/her knees. There should be enough space at the back of the boot to fit a thin pencil half way down, to the top of the skater’s heel.
  • Have the skater walk around in the skates. Do not walk in the boots if the blades have not yet been mounted.
equipment image

Handy Tips for Care of Skates

  • Always wear guards when not on the ice, even on rubber matting.
  • Always remove guards before storing skates. Dry blades and sole plate completely with a towel. Store skates without the hard guards. Use soft guards when skates are in a bag to protect the blades.
  • Always unlace skates sufficiently before removing them or else you will destroy your skates by ripping the back seam.
  • Store skates in an area where fresh air can circulate around them. They should not be left in a bag, locker or near a radiator.

Frequency of Skate Sharpening and other Facts

  • The following outlines general guidelines that you may follow:

Skating 1 day/week – sharpen skates every 2-3 months

Skating 2 days/week – sharpen skates every 6 weeks to 2 months

Skates should be sharpened after 20-30 hrs of skating

Other factors to consider when determining the frequency of sharpening are:

  • Condition of ice – skating at outdoor public rinks may dull/nick blades quicker
  • Damaged edges – blade may be accidentally be nicked due to various reasons
  • Skater preference – some skaters prefer very sharp or duller blades


Figure Skate sharpening companies

Use a good figure skate sharpening company. The club recommends below:

  • Sharpening/Equipment information
  • Jake’s Figure Skate Sharpening
    Appointments Recommended
    14 Essex Avenue, Unit 28, Thornhill, ON L3T 3Z1
  • Figure Skating Boutique
  • Mara Boutique