Throughout the season, the Club holds Test Days where skaters may try a test in front of an evaluator/judge (who are all volunteers within Skate Canada). The evaluator/judge will decide whether the skater is at a “pass” or “retry” standard. If a skater is in a “retry” position, they will have to try the test at a later test date. Star 1-5 tests are done by the skaters private coach during their regular sessions. Senior Bronze to Gold tests are done by an evaluator on designated test days.

What Does Low & High Tests Mean?

There are two levels of test that can be tried: low and high.

  • Low: Star 1-5 Assessment – Dances, FreeSkate & Skills. These test will be accessed by your private coach.
  • High: New Star 6- Gold – Dances, FreeSkate,  Skills, Diamond Dances, Interpretive Test are assessed by a Skate Canada judge.

When Does a Skater Try a Test?

The skater must be taking private lessons, and then the coach will decide when a skater is ready to test. The coach will then let the skater and/or parent know that the skaters’ test has been submitted for testing and how much the test will cost (see procedures for trying tests in next tab).


The actual schedule for a Test Day is at the discretion of Skate Ontario and determined by the availability of judges/evaluators. The schedule is usually posted one (1) week before test day. Skaters and parents are responsible for checking the website and their email for the schedule. Schedules will also be posted on the website. All skaters are to be at the arena one (1) hour before their test (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Test Days are set during regular ice time and are scheduled throughout the year.

test day schedule:

Test Day Preparation

Your skater should be prepared in the following manner on test day:

      • Arrive at the arena one (1) hour before the test.
      • Skater should be in the proper attire (i.e. girls in skating dresses & tights with hair done neatly & make-up (optional) and boys in skating pants and dress shirt). Speak to your private coach for specific requirements.
      • Skaters are to change in the dressing rooms before their test so that coaches and ice captains may find you.
      • Parents are to stay in the dressing room area, lobby or stands, NOT in the area where skaters are entering and exiting the ice surface.
      • Following the test, the skater will receive a test paper where the results and comments are written.
      • Skaters & parents are to wait for their results in the arena lobby where either the test chair or your coach will give you your paper. The distribution of test papers and results is dependent upon when the evaluator has finished processing them and officially signs off on them.
      • Remember to discuss your test with your coach and partner.

Ask Your Coach

Any other questions about test days should be directed to your coach. Coaches are your greatest source of information.


What is the Official Procedure for trying a test?

The following procedure occurs in order for a skater to try a test:

Star 1-5 assessment: your private coach will give you a yellow form to indicate the test to be assessed & the date of the assessment. The payment for the assessment is done on Uplifter ( $15.00 per test ) the yellow form is then returned to your private coach with the receipt number & your Skate Canada number.

High Tests:

  • Coaches submit a Test List to the Test Chair three (3) weeks prior to Test Day.
  • The test chair reports the test lists into Skate Ontario Head Office.
  • The test chair prepares a “Coaches Pull List” and sends it to the Coaches.
  • PULL OUT DAY is 2 weeks prior to test day. ONLY COACHES HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PULL TESTS. The Coaches will report pulls to Test Chair.
  • The Test Chair reports all pulls into the Skate Ontario Head Office.
  • The final draft of the test list is placed in the Club Office & sent to the Coaches.
  • Coaches and Board will inform skaters of their test(s).
  • Skaters and Parents are then permitted to pay for tests.

How much are the Test Fees?

Star 1-5 Assessments are ( $15.00 per test )  High test fees are ( $  )

With all tests, there is a fee to try the test. Test fees include a charge sent to Skate Canada and an administration fee. NOTE: Centralized Test fees & costs are determined by Skate Ontario. The skater will be informed of the test fees & the due date when submitting the test and will be responsible for any additional fees charged to the club by Skate Ontario.

Test Fee Payment Policy:

Test fees are paid in the Club Office or online approximately three (3) days prior to the Test Day. If test fees are not submitted by the due date, the following will occur:

  • The skater will not be permitted to try the test.
  • The test will be recorded as a “retry”.
  • The skater will still be responsible for the test fee.
  • The skater will not be eligible to test subsequent test days until the fee is paid.

As well, in order to be eligible to try the test, the skater must also be in good standing with the Club (i.e. appropriate membership fees must be paid or the skater will not be able to test).


All spectators must show respect for the skaters, coaches & evaluators during test days. There is to be no horseplay in any part of the arena during these times especially in the presence of the judges & while skaters are on the ice. Only officials, judges & coaches will be permitted access to the Office & beyond the judging area.

It is the responsibility of the Coach to monitor the skater’s behaviour in the dressing rooms and on the ice. It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to monitor and control the skater’s behaviour elsewhere in the arena. Etiquette on test days applied whether the event is help at East York or at another Club. Skaters behaving inappropriately at such events would be violating the EYSC Rules & Regulations and are subject to disciplinary action. There will be no exceptions to these rules.